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New Age to Jesus

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My Story of Going "New Age to Jesus"

I used to be a nationally recognized and touring new age author, tarot card reader, and investigative journalist in the paranormal, new age, and UFOlogy fields.


I was heavily involved in witchcraft, tarot, divination, channeling, UFOlogy, scrying, spellcrafting, crystal healing, reiki, ritual spellcasting, law of attraction, manifestation, star families, starseeds, kundalini meditation, altered states of consciousness, astral travel, remote viewing, ouija boards, seances, UFO ceremonies, and many other new age and occult practices and beliefs. I was "in contact" with what I believed to be positive spiritual entities and/or extraterrestrials. [THE STUFF WORKED.] Little did I know these entities were demonic and under the power of Satan.


Everything was seemingly going my way. I had TV show hosting offers, and entertainment industry opportunities popping up everywhere. Then it all came crashing down.

God started to reveal the evil in what I was doing and the industry I was in. And then I became aware of my sin. I looked the devil in the eye. Once the gig was up, demons started attacking me.

The Lord opened up the Holy Scriptures to my eyes. His truth started to pour into my life like a fire hose of life-giving water. Everything I was reading was happening before me. The false prophets. The idolatry. The evil. The demonic strongholds in my mind he pulverized and started to build me up with his Truth. In the midst of spiritual warfare, demonic nightmares, demonic vexation (demons leaving bruises on my body and attacking me), the Lord started to show me what to do. He revealed the idols all around me. I could feel them. I started burning and destroying 1,000s of $$$ worth of books, tools, objects. I burned my tarot business to the ground.


I started to come against occult practices publicly, and powerful new age leaders launched smear campaigns against me (there's SO MUCH $ involved in this field!). I was death-threated, threatened, and stalked, and realized I had left a dangerous cult. I ended up having to move across the country for my safety and that of my family. I didn't know what a "cult" was until I left one and was coming against their lies and manipulation, which I had realized was satanism under the guide of new age spirituality infused with UFOlogy belief systems.

I left the internet for a year. Spent the time with the Lord, deeply in the Bible, pouring over the Word of God. Surrounded by strong Christians who were gifted in healing and deliverance. I started leaning into spiritual formation, Bible study, passage memorization, theology. I read tons of books on deliverance, strongholds, and getting free of enemy influence. (Spiritual warfare was happening all around me at this time, and the Lord was in the long and arduous process of freeing me through renewal of the mind.)

Then I started to ask for Jesus to come into my life. The morning it happened, his presence entered, and I fell on my face. The whole world around me sang to him in worship. I felt CHAINS BREAK, and 1000s of pounds of sin LIFT! I felt Jesus take out my heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh!

I returned home and went to seminary to study theology and learn more about God. I started sharing my Christian perspectives online, and found that new age beliefs were in the Christian church too! It was a process of getting anchored to Christ through all of this- to learn how to spiritually discern what was ORTHODOX and TRUE.

Then I anchored into a local Christian community. I worked through even more layers of deliverance with an ordained priesthood under apostolic succession. I gained even deeper anchors of spiritual formation. I returned to my roots of sacramental worship and leaned into the community aspects of the Christian life. I attended training conferences, interviewed experts in Christian ministry, and started developing an arsenal of extensive resources to help others who are going through what I had gone through.

The Lord called me into ministry to help other people whom Jesus was freeing from occult bonds of the new age.


I was watching the Lord take all that I had been through, all the pain, trauma, spiritual warfare, spiritual abuse, demonic attacks, LIES of the enemy, and turn it into good for building up the Kingdom!


Now I get to help Christians who step into their faith through Christ and are looking to HEAL and process what they've been through, so they can stand fully and upright in their life in Christ, with a renewed identity and sense of purpose and CLARITY. Gaining context for what you've been through is paramount to being able to heal and move forward and continue the journey!

Are you ready to lean into your own transformation? Apply to join Clarity Accelerator today.


Have questions? Have you gone new age to Jesus and need help? Get in touch.


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