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Christ the Redeemer

Clarity ACCELERATOR academy

Leading Christians who have gone new age to Jesus from confusion to clarity so they can shine the light of Christ with others.
Zero State

Are You a Christian
Who Has Gone New Age to Jesus?

You are not alone. It's likely that you are experiencing what I call "new age shock." Once saved by Jesus Christ you might be asking yourself, "what just happened?" Confusion and disorientation are normal. You are likely wondering what beliefs are new age and how to make sure you are getting rid of anything in your thoughts and beliefs that might keep you away from the fullness you want to experience in Christ. Many people at this stage are wondering how to feel God's presence. They are confused about getting grounded in Bible study and understanding what prayer is, why they need to pray, and how to pray. You are probably confused about how to clearly know how to describe the gospel and how to put your story into a testimony format that makes sense to you so you can effectively share your story with others. You might be feeling isolated from those who understand your pain and spiritual affliction. Many who leave the new age are spiritually oppressed and desire to learn about spiritual warfare and how to protect themselves from attacks from the Enemy. Isolation, confusion, and disorientation can feel crippling if you try to go it alone.

Envision with Me:
Where do you want to go?

When you are in the muck of shucking off the new age, it can be hard to see clearly. It can feel hopeless and frustrating. You might feel overwhelmed because you don't know where to start on your Christian journey, and maybe you feel like there is nobody there to help point you in the right direction. What if I told you that you can go from confusion to clarity? Imagine. Being grounded into theological foundations, so you understand what you went through and had a plan to engage in Christian spiritual formation. Imagine feeling confident at how to rebuke, renounce, repent, and remain delivered from attacks of the Enemy. Imagine knowing how to pray and read the Bible with confidence. Imagine being able to share your story and the gospel with others. Imagine having complete clarity as you walk with Jesus Christ, and being able to share the light of Christ with other people. I have created a transformational program called Clarity Accelerator.


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About Teresa

Hi, I'm Teresa. Allow me to explain what qualifies me to deliver this program and help you with gaining the transformation you seek. I used to be a nationally recognized and touring new age author, tarot card reader, and investigative journalist in the paranormal, new age, and UFOlogy fields. I was heavily involved in the new age when the Lord started to reveal the evil to me. God started to reveal the evil in what I was doing and the industry I was in. And then I became aware of my sin. I looked the devil in the eye. Once the gig was up, demons started attacking me. The Lord opened up the Holy Scriptures to my eyes. His truth started to pour into my life like a fire hose of life-giving water. I burned my successful tarot business to the ground and pulled all my social media down after publicly apologizing for misleading thousands. I was attacked and threatened by the new age group I had just left, not realizing it was a dangerous cult until I became targeted. Because I was speaking out against the practices, they were worried I would sway public opinion away from them and they would lose money! I left the internet, moved away, and then became fully immersed in the Word of God. I was surrounded by strong Christians gifted in healing and deliverance. The Lord changed me, showed me the truth through His Word, and then Jesus took out my heart of stone and gave me a new heart of flesh! I was delivered. I felt the chains break. I went to seminary and studied theology. I got plugged into a local church community and started to help women who were in the process of getting free of occult influence.

Now I get to help Christians who step into their faith through Christ and are looking to HEAL and process what they've been through, so they can stand fully and upright in their life in Christ, with a renewed identity and sense of purpose and CLARITY. Gaining context for what you've been through is paramount to being able to heal and move forward and continue the journey!

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